Ivan Bookworm is a bookish blog that talks about but not limited to books, book-to-movie adaptions, latest bookish trends, and other ramblings. It was started last August 2010 but was not stable until late 2011. Usually, book reviews are the ones posted every time with mix of memes. I will not say that Ivan Bookworm is a YA blog. It does not focus on one genre only. Sometimes, it will contain posts related to classics, epics and the like. 

Ivan Bookworm has two main objectives. First, to share literature to people and second, for people to love literature back. 

Ah, yes. Ivan, the lazy founder. At least I'm changing now. I would like to put into bullets that things I want you to know about me. 
  • I'm a Filipino and lives in Manila, Philippines. 
  • Still a student. 
  • I do not particularly love just YA, as long as the story interest me I read it. It doesn't matter if the book is a classic or modern. But if you will also me what king of books I read, I will say that I like contemporary, realistic romance and fantasy. I also like horror books. 
  • I would like to travel but of course that's not easy. It doesn't rain money. But if I would have the chance, I would like to go to European countries. I super like their culture. 
  • When I'm not reading, I surf the net, when I'm not reading and surfing the net, I'm sleeping. 
  • I do not encourage you to do this but when I'm school, I have a pretty nice technique on how to sleep without being caught by the teacher. 


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