Terms and Policies

For authors/publishers/publicists who want to inquire if I'm interested in reviewing a book of yours, you can contact me at -- ivanbookworm AT gmail DOT com --. Please remember, I do not accept digital copies (Kindle, epub and the like). I do not have a proper digital reader that's why I do not welcome them.

I do not review books and movies professionally as what the professionals do in Time and NYT. However, I try my best to have my thoughts clear and direct to the point, mature and free from foul language.

What are the genres I read?
I'm not actually choosy to the genre I read. As long as the story interests me I find time to read it. However, I do not read non-fiction and memoirs. I'm more on but not limited to young adult, middle grade, horror, contemporary and fantasy (both high and low fantasy). I don't read works written in verse except if and only if the verses are direct to the point and do not use highly technical literary speech.

What are the things included in my reviews?

  • A picture of the front cover of the book. (Movie posters in the case of movie reviews.)
  • A brief summary/synopsis about the plot. I usually get the synopsis from Goodreads but sometimes I copy the text at the back of the book. 
  • My opinion and other ideas for the book.
  • I may include a little bit information about the author. 

At the moment, I usually post reviews on Mondays, Teaser Tuesdays on Tuesdays and TGIF on Fridays. So in a week, I have three days of sure posts - monday, tuesday and friday - This is the backbone or main schedule for Ivan Bookworm. Eventually, I may post ramblings, interviews and the like at any time of a week. 

My opinions/reviews are not personal attacks to the author. 
If time has come when I came across a book that I didn't like, I will still post a review about it and tell what I think about the book. However, please keep in mind that anything that will be posted will not be a personal attack to the author. I'm also trying my best NOT to act like a jerk when reviewing a book I didn't like and say all the negatives. 

Interviews and Guest Posts
I would like to have my blog author/blogger interviews and guest posts. If you would like to do so, please contact me. 
Also, I try to contact authors to have an interview with them for my blog. 

Goodreads and Imageshack
Most synopsis I put in my reviews are coming from Goodreads. They all take ownership and credit for it. 
Images that I own that are found in this blog are hosted my Imageshack. 

I do not receive any compensation or any forms of currency for my blogging. This blog is also not affiliated with ads, Amazon and the like at the moment. 


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