Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 Idiots: A must watched movie.

I've written some movie reviews here in my blog before. If you'll notice, I always discuss how the special effects make the movie so thrilling that you wanted to watch it again. Most of them came from Hollywood, but how about Bollywood? I resisted the offer of my classmate to watch 3 Idiots twice. I said that Bollywood is not my cut of tea. I would rather just watch another sci-fi or fantasy. However, it's too early to judge. Don't judge the book by its cover.

3 Idiots is about three engineering students, namely Rancho, Farhan and Raju. Together, they engaged in adventurous and stupid yet humorous walks along life. They encounter joy, hatred, and all the worse. However, Rancho is always lifting their hope, giving reason to everything and that it should not obstruct or destroy them.

There are tendencies that humorous films lose the message they want to convey. 3 Idiots is different. Though funny, it is intact with values and teachings on how to never give up and just keep going.

As a graduating high school student, I learned many things from this movie. I want to share it with you in an ordered list.
1. You don't need to seek success as success will chase you. For us who are in the time of choosing which path to take, we want to choose the right and secure path. The one that will bring us to success. However, seeking success means no happy life. Live on what you want to do because if you really love your field, success will be the one to chase you.
2. True friends are true. I learned a lot from Rancho. To admit it, I want to have a friend like Rancho. A friend that never take life as a negative but always have a reason to awaken you up. Despite him being a stupid and idiot sometimes, I can say that he a very true friend to his friends.
3. Do what you want and do not let others hold the pen to write your life. As of now, you may have a career in your mind. But the question is, is it the one you truly wanted to be? Is it you passion? Rancho taught me to choose the path that I know I will be happy. The path that will not bring frustrations and regrets.

I will say that 3 Idiots is one the films that has true sense and meaning. It doesn't have perfect visual effects but it has an almost perfect moral. It may not be flawless, but 3 Idiots conveyed what it wanted to convey. It may not teach us how to behave properly but it will show you how you must handle life.

From the history of me watching movies, I never watched a film like 3 Idiots. A very inspiring and motivating film.

This is a must watched. I'm sure that you will not regret anything from watching this film. Just say to your heart "all is well"

Tell what you think if you ever happened to watch this film.


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