Sunday, November 6, 2011

In My Mailbox -11-

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It was not in my plan to buy another book this week. I still have 2 or 3 unread books in my shelf and I'm currently reading Blackbringer. Here is what actually happen. My ID case broke last week and I need a replacement as soon as possible because I will not be able to enter English proficiency class if I don't have an ID. I just knew that the case can be bought at National Bookstore near us so I planned to have a visit. The plan was very simple. Go inside the bookstore, find the case, pay and go. But, as usual, it was not followed. Before I can go to the shelves of supplies, I need to pass the book shelves. And these books, using their invisible elastic hands, grab and never let go of me. I spent like about 2 hours on one shelf. AND SO I go out of the bookstore with a book and an ID case. 

I bought...

The Divine Comedy: Inferno
bu Dante Alighieri
Translated to verse by Allen Mandelbaum

I'm not so much into translation but I don't want to read the original stanza-style of this book. 

We recently discussed this classic book in our English proficiency class. And guest what, my seatmate and I were discussing about how about if the book was put in to a motion picture. We think that would be great! Honestly, I'm very excited to read this. I think the book has a very compelling plot and it's a classic of Italy! 

I'll read this after Blackbringer and you can expect a review in the near future. Oh my lord, I'm going to review a highly praised, world acclaimed, Italian classic! 


  1. I hope you enjoy. I have actually thought of reading this a few times but never done it.

  2. I hope too! I never read such heavy classics before.

  3. We've discussed it plenty in classes as well and it definitely sounds interesting. I'd love to read it! Hope you'll enjoy. :)

    My IMM!

  4. I havent read that classic! I hope its to your liking! :)

  5. Never heard of this one before. And it's a classic? Hmm..

    Xpresso Reads


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