Friday, November 4, 2011

Once Upon a Time ... all characters live in the Enchanted Forest

It's late in the evening and I'm randomly checking other blogs to find something interesting to read. I'm now in a condition of wanting so many books. Sigh. Too bad I can't help it. Too much for drama. I'm writing this post to share my thoughts regarding to this...

Oh yes! As you might see, that's the picture of the latest Once Upon A Time TV series aired every Sunday in ____ channel (Uhm, I really don't know). One word to describe my relationship with it: hooked.

Once Upon a Time revolves around the story of the characters in a book under a dark curse that unable them to remember their true identity. It was cast upon by the Evil Queen who selfishly want all happy endings to be hers and only hers. But the curse includes her so she can’t remember that she’s the Evil Queen. Their only chance to happy ending is Snow White’s daughter, Emma Swan. Whom I think will free them from the curse? I really don’t know.

For me, this TV series is a win! I never got hooked on such TV series, not to mention Glee, The Vampire Diaries and so much more. But this, together with Grimm, pulled the fanboy-me out of my body. I so much love the second episode, the good and the bad are really in a tight fight. I have this feeling that the real antagonist is not the Evil Queen but Rumpelstiltskin whom I think survive the memory-loss-side of the curse. Oops, is that spoiling?

When watching it, I have this little challenge for myself to remember every character in the series and from what story they did appear. I’m not familiar with the other characters (too bad). One more thing, they have powers! Magical powers! If you’re like a fantasy fanboy like me, you’ll love magical powers. No? But it’s so cool.

Together with Grimm, oh dude, I think the new trend is to include fairytale characters in TV series. They are so much hooking and very fun to watch.

I’ll update you when this series is done.

BTW: I didn’t post anything for the past few weeks because I’m reading a novel that I need for my school. We’re doing a book report for it. Oh man, this book is terrible. Every time I read it, guess what, I fell asleep.


  1. This IS MY SHOW. I watch this every sunday on ABC (Channel 7, generally) with my mom in tow. We are both addicts :)

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  2. I LOVE this show too! I love that you did a post on it I had been thinking of the same:) I watch with my middle little girl. We are so hooked;)

  3. I know! There's another one, Grimm. But I think Once Upon A Time is much better, and had a better plot, than Grimm. But I like both.

    I like this new concepts of putting old classics into TV series.


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