Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Angels and Demons

I just recently watched Angels and Demons. I'm really late because this film was released 2009 and look, it's 2011 now. But anyways, I think it's good to do a review of this movie since I like it.

The movie was about the attacked of an old Vatican enemy, the Illuminati. They kidnapped the four cardinals that is likely to be elected as the new pope and published a threat that they will be killed in the Path of Illumination. The Vatican the turns to Prof. Langdon, a symbol expert, to help them uncover the mystery together with Dr. Vetra. It then turned out that everything was plotted by 'men of God'.

First of all, I'm a Roman Catholic. I really like movies that feature the Vatican City since I like to visit it one day. I didn't take this movie/story as an attack to the religion which I think is good. It actually favors the side of the Catholic Church, but not so much.

You don't need too much brains to understand the movie. That's an advantage since we are not experts in symbols and church history (which makes the Da Vinci Code movie hard to understand). Everything was explained in the movie. When they are talking about a certain topic that you don't know, the characters give you a little background of it.

The computer effects are also great. The movie was not shot from Vatican City but in Sony Studios instead; since the Catholic church don't allow shootings at their facilities anymore. But watching the movie, you will really think that the whole set was shot from the real Vatican. Everything is detailed, the statues, the houses, even the St. Peter's Basilica. Well, I will tell you that my favorite part of the movie was the explosion of the anti-matter bomb. The effects are so real.

Acting of the actors are also great. I would like to commend Ewan McGregor, the camerlengo in the movie, for his acting. He can carry you in the movie. He can make you believe that he's innocent, the good guy which actually not the real him. Very great acting!

Overall, I will say the movie is great. It strengthen my faith to my own religion. It also convinced me to visit Vatican City someday. Which I promise myself I will do.


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