Thursday, April 28, 2011

Becoming Jane: Jane Austen's Life

This is not a review. This post is mainly about things I want to say about Jane Austen's life, the movie and the inspiration.

So yeah, I recently watched Becoming Jane starring Anne Hathaway (my crush actually, HA!) and James McAvoy. The movie mostly revolved in the love life of Ms. Austen with Tom Lefroy.

I am very proud of Jane Austen, though we not share the same ethnicity, I'm still proud of her. She define love that it should have affection. Yes that's true. Mostly now, there are many couples who only explore the bodies and not the real feelings for each other. Feelings is what we need to fuel our relationships. Not the body of our mate.

Soon, she fell in love with a lawyer with bad reputation, Tom Lefroy. Anna and James have real chemistry in this movie. They should do more movies together. Back to Ms. Austen, after so much years of no love, she first felt it with Tom. They became so much in love but struggles are always on their way.

Jane sacrifices so much, even love. She knew that Tom supports his family and with her, he will not be able to do it at the same time. Though Tom said that he can still support them, Jane leaves him broken hearted.

I actually have tears in my eyes when I was watching the part when she sacrificed. She is willing to give up all. That's one thing I learned from her, to sacrifice if needed and not just think about yourself.

After several years, they met again but Tom already have a daughter. But even though, they show that they still love each other.

I recommend you to watch it.


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