Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Being a President of a Book Club in our School

I haven't posted anything for the past days. I'm reading Catching Fire and not done, yet. Due to academic reasons. :)

So I decided to do a book related post instead while I'm still finishing Catching Fire. At least, my blog will be updated.

Last year, our school have its own book club called Book Buddies. It is compose of 25 students from high school and is moderated by 2 librarians. I was voted to be the President. Unexpectedly. I don't know how to run a book club or whatever.

Mostly, we take care of the our school's library. Arrange the books, watch movies based on novels and a lot more. But being a president, it's not always fun. I join the club due to my passion of reading not due to personal interest to take the power of being a president.

I realized soon that not all those people who joined the club have a passion of reading. They mainly join us for grades only. They don't have interest in reading books or discussing them. So I felt hurt. I want them to leave the club soon but I can't because it's already in the middle of the year.

Next year, I'm expected to be the president, again. There will be no voting for new officers of the club. It is stated in the Book Buddies Constitution that when a third year high school was voted to be the president, he or she will took power to the succeeding year. And last year, I was a third year high school, so no chance for me to leave the hatred I feel.

But it's a time for a change now. I will create more book activities like story telling and watching movies of authors. I don't want then watching novel based movies anymore because they don't appreciate the book. It's time for them to realize the life of being an author and that they should never just ignore them.

I will also impost an admission guidelines for next year. If last year, all can enter the club, next year will be different. Only students that have TRUE passion for reading may join the club. I will not waste my last year in high school dealing with those kinds of people. Yes, it is harsh but it's needed.

With the experience, I learned one thing. Though you have the power over them, you can't still be happy.

So if any of who there have an idea for club activities or how the admission should run, please comment below and I will greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, watch out for my Catching Fire review.


  1. Being a leader takes a lot of responsibilities. I agree, the students who will join should have passion for reading. In that way it would be easy for you to come up with activities. How about having reading challenges! :)

  2. @Edilicious: I think reading challenges is a great activity. I should come up with a really interesting price for the winner. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  3. I agree that movies are not the same as books, and such a wonderful club shouldn't be used to boost a resume or look good on applications.

    Does your club have a teacher as a supervisor? Can you work with him or her to make up a list of rules and guidelines for admission? What about the other officers, if there are any?

    Maybe you could ask those who want to be in the club for a list of their 10 favorite books. Also, I would ask what they want out of the club -- do they want to start a book review blog? Do they all want to read the same books and discuss at each meeting? Or do they want to read different books so they can learn about a greater variety and share with each other?

    Leadership isn't about what the leaders want. However, a good leader does have to have a mission and a passion. I think you're on the right track!

  4. @We heart YA: Thank for your very nice comment and suggestions. Yes, I've contacted the other officers and we are planning as early as now. You know, it's summer hear - vacation. But we are all thinking for the club. Yes, we have moderators, two librarians. Mostly, the librarians focus on the facility (library) while the officers on activities. But we still help each other. Thank you!


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