Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs: A Goodbye

Maybe, the most influential person to me when it comes to leadership, vision and creativity was the man who showed the world that apple is more than just a fruit, Steve Jobs.

I first knew Steve Jobs when I had received my very first apple product to own, an iPod touch, which until now is still alive and kicking. That was about two years ago since my mother gave that iPod to me. Since then, I became a very big fan of Apple Inc. Especially their CEO, Steve.

Known for wearing black turtleneck and faded jeans during keynotes, Steve had inspired a lot of people, that includes me. I became very interested in Steve's life that I read the scroll-worthy page of Wikipedia. So how he had inspired me?


I prefer to be a subordinate rather than take the responsibility of being a leader. Leaders carries vital responsibilities that will enable the group to do something worthy. A leader must be harsh so that everyone will follow him. That was my old perspective of leadership. 

However, since I knew Steve, I learned a lot of things. A leader shouldn't be that harsh to his fellow in able for them to follow him. I read some articles saying Steve walks in the corridors of Apple Campus bare-feet. Sometimes, carrying a flame thrower and pointing it to random people in the hallways. I learned that humor is also vital for leadership.

But when it comes to business, business is business, no humor. Steve was known to be strict when it comes to every detail of their projects. I read last year that Steve called Google to change the yellow color of their icon to a little more dark saying that it distorts the beauty of the main screen. 


A visionary man, Steve believed that he can change the world. And he did! I don't know if Steve was the one who said this but this quote is always referred to him. "...because the ones who are crazy enough to think the world that he can change world are the one who do." It's a very inspirational, motivating and powerful quotation. 

I learned to set goals for both myself and others. I sometimes dream that my club, Book Buddies, where I am the president, will sometimes be called one of the prestigious clubs in our school. For myself, I know this is crazy but I want to win the Nobel Prize. Hey, it's not bad to dream. I can recall that I said to my of my classmates, "I cannot die now because I have a Nobel Prize to win." I know how crazy it sounds. 


Both in art and science. Steve is known for his innovative inventions. He didn't invented neither that personal computers nor the music players, but he changed the way they are seen and called them 'revolutionary'. I learned from him that thinking something crazy is not always unworthy. I can prove that using my last year's Investigative Project. I used rain to power a calculator for almost two weeks (It can last long however the electrodes began to rust). At first I was like "Can that be possible? I should be crazy enough to think about this." But it worked! I scored the highest, higher than the top 1 student, in the Investigative Project and earned the wow of my Chemistry project. Now I'm working on a new source of power but I will say to you, this is the craziest idea I've ever thought so far."

I tried to apply as many lessons I learned from the one-dollar-earner-CEO. And I'm very proud of the changes in my life today. I excel and excel every time. My ideas become crazier and crazier. But Steve had been crazy also. Crazy enough to think he can change how humanity lives through his inventions. 

Today, I'm in grief after learning his death. Cancer is really deadly. That's why I'm taking medicine for my college. I want to research the cure for cancer. And that is again one crazy idea. 

He was a friend, a mentor and inspiration. Even we never met, I will truly miss him. 

Flags at the Apple campus waving in half-staff after
the announcement of Steve's death. 


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