Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Very First Written Story

Since it will take me days before I can post my next review, which will be Unearthly, I come up to an idea to post of my very vivid memories from my childhood.

One rainy morning, me and my mom was lying on the master's bed. Just typical mother and son bonding and talking about certain things. Well, my mother likes me to excel in English (since English is not my mother-tongue) so she challenged me to write a story, about anything - considering the fact that I'm six year's old that day.

I said yes, and imagine what I look like...

no not like this, he is so professional looking

That's what I looked like when I was writing my very first story. Well, there was no rules that the story should be original, just write a story in English. Guess what I did? I did a retelling of the popular Turtle-Rabbit Race story. 
So basically, here's the basic story. (This is not what I wrote back then)

A race was held between a turtle and a rabbit. Once the gun shot, they both run. Rabbit was so fast that he cannot see Turtle anymore. He stumbled upon a carrot field. But he was concerned that Turtle might win the race. But juts laughed considering the speed of Turtle. So, he went to the carrot field and eat all of the carrots. Suddenly, he fall asleep. When he woke up, Turtle was already inches away from the finish line. He ran so fast but didn't made it. The End

How about you, did you write a short story when you were still a child? 

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  1. Oh, we wrote all the time as a kid! One of the first stories we remember writing was about the Great Adventures of Kimberly the Paper Clip. (Don't ask. :P)

    Love your retelling of the tortoise and the hare. The carrot field is a nice detail. :)


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