Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sea of Monster by Rick Riordan

The Sea of Monsters is the second book of Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Once again, our dear Percy, together with his friends and new brother - Tyson -, enter a quest needed for the survival of all Half-Bloods. But they don't know one thing.

Let's jump right into the characters. To be honest, I didn't like Percy in this book. He was given all the imperfectness that irritates you. Well, yes, imperfectness of the characters is needed to make them like real humans. I hate how Percy thinks, decide and acts. There are time which is pretty obvious that he should choose this option but then he still choose the wrong one. Isn't it that irritating? Percy is a full imperfectness in this book - not until the end. I mean the last chapter. I like his brother more, Tyson. Thought he is not that a character of focus, he have a balance of goods and bads. I feel like wanting Tyson to be my real brother.

There are also some characters who have an ABRUPT change of attitude just to trigger a scene. I know how they act in the previous book but they all change in this one. It's like they are not the characters I knew before.

Despite of my disappointment from the characters, I really like the writing style. Which saves the books for being a two stars. Though the actions scenes didn't thrilled me, they way it was written in great. Mr. Riordan can mix describing while doing actions. Some authors do the describing first then shifts to the action.

If you will ask me, I want The Lightning Thief more. I want to see The Titan's curse because I'm so confuse if the third book will be good or not. I wish it is good.

Au Revoir! See you to my next review!


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