Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Influence of Anna and the French Kiss

It’s been eight months now since I have read Anna and the French Kiss of Stephanie Perkins yet the beauty and grandeur of Paris in Stephanie’s words are still in my mind. The places and the people and the food. Oh yes! The food. Everyone loves food!

Since I have read AFK, I’ve been drooling to buy French foods. First on the list – French macarons. French macarons are indeed hard to find in the Philippines. Only few sell them. And according to the laws of economics – high demand with few suppliers means high price. Yes, macarons here are very pricey.
Goodnews! There is what we call here The French Baker which is a bakery that sells, of course, French pastry and cuisine. I managed to buy six French macarons that each costs me about $0.81 or Php 36. Two mocha, two pistachio and two raspberry.

My comments…I love the pistachio and raspberry! I don’t like the taste of mocha. Even in ice cream flavors, I hate mocha. I wonder why I even bought two of them. I can really feel the crisp and sweetness of the macarons. Plus their gorgeous colors. I will surely go back and buy more. 


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