Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reviews! Where are the reviews?

Advance Merry Christmas!!

I hope you are having a great vacation right now with your family, friends and books. Today is already December 22 and I can't wait 'till the 25th for the family luncheon. 

So for the purpose of the post, I'll be talking about the past, present and the future of my reviews. I've been very busy since December because of flabbergasting amount of schoolwork, including testing days. As a result, I have very limited time to read and so I finished like one or two books only in the past months. 

What I realized is my reviews are time realistic or whatever should you call it. I mean I post reviews only after I finished reading a book or so. So next year, (weee! 2012 is nearing!) I device a plan on how to maintain proper flow of reviews in my blog. Since last week, I've been reading tons and tons of book and writing reviews. These are to be published next year starting January 1, 2012. My reviews will be queued and so if hell weeks (a.k.a school) comes around, there will still be reviews and my blog will not be like an abandoned house. This is also means no new reviews this month. But I will try to entertain you with post regarding Christmas and New Year. 

So, Au revoir! and I will get back to reading. 


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