Monday, December 27, 2010

Waking the Dead by Yvette Tan

After a week of no blogging due to vacation, I will now post my review for Waking the dead which I read during my vacation in Bicol.

Waking the Dead and other Horror Stories is a collection of 10 horror stories.

Let's us talk first about the cover. I really like it especially the idea of an inverted image of a lady and the font of the title. It somehow catches my attention that is why I chose it to read first.

Let's just say I only like some stories in the book, The Bridge and Stella for Star. Those two stories, even not that scary, have a very nice plot. I also like the gross part in the Stella for Star.

Most of the stories, for me, lack the thrilling part in the ending. Sometimes, when the story begins to be interesting, it will suddenly end. If the endings will be a lot more dramatic, thrilling, I will say that I will like the book.

I also not recommend this to be read by young readers who are not educated in sexual matters. The book contains some bits of pornography. I didn't really know that it has, I'm a young reader but I know what is right and wrong so I think I'm safe:).

Rating: 4

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