Friday, January 27, 2012

TGIF! Buy or Borrow...

TGIF! is a bookish meme hosted by Ginger of GReads.

Where do your books that you read came from?
Do you prefer to own a book or have it on load?

I never got an ARC from publishers or authors and is not in a hurry to get them. At the first place, I do not blog to get ARCs. I actually never knew them until I started blogging. So, most of my books I read came from bookstores, some were borrowed and rarely from the library. 

The Bookstores

There are only three bookstores were I get my books - National Bookstore, Fullybooked and Booksale. Among the three, I buy most from National Bookstore. I have this "Laking National Card" where every peso I spent in the store counts for 1 point and 1,000 points is equal to 10 pesos. Accumulate it all and I can buy a book! Second is Fullybooked. I love the interior design of each branch of this bookstore. You can really feel the books and the bookish atmosphere. Their branch in Gateway mall have floors with texts from different books. Last but not the least, Booksale. I rarely buy books from them as they are all second-hands. But when I'm short in budget I usually visit them. One book I was proud to discover in their store was Blackbringer by Laini Taylor, one of the best fantasy books out there.

The Library
Here in the Philippines, we do not have proper public libraries, mostly are school-owned. I rarely borrow from my school's library. That's a shame on me as I am second in position after the librarians there because I'm the president of the club that organizes the library. Shame on me! But yes, I rarely borrow. Most probably because the titles there are mostly deep and educational like The Illiad and the Odyssey, Beowulf and Sherlock Holmes. But when I as kid, I have my library card stamped all over from the tons of books I borrow from them. 

Owned or Borrowed?

I prefer to own a copy for myself. I like the feel of having something in possession. Yes, I also borrow books and I like doing it but I still prefer having my own copy. Not just to fill my bookshelf but I want to share it to my future to be wife and kids. I would like to sit in a couch while having coffee and say, "Come here my boy, it seems you have a little problem. Come and read this, it might help you." LOL, things like that. 

How about you? Do you like to borrow or own books? 

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