Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Article a Week! -- Book Piracy

We can't deny technology today. We depend on it. Think about ourselves working so hard, manually building The Great Pyramid. We can make a pyramid bigger than that using our technology today, but what is missing? The Greapt Pyramid was known for it's beauty and the manual work of Egyptian slaves. The new pyramid built by present technology will be less valuable than that in Egypt.

Let us bring the concept over the books. I know some of you have Amazon's Kindle or any e-reader out in the market. So convenient right? You can just buy some e-book online or at CD format and install it at your e-reader. I, personally, want an e-reader. It is so convenient that will allow me to bring it everywhere, and can read anywhere even without light.

So you knew about e-book and I'll pretend you are also aware of FREE downloadable e-books. FREE, yes for FREE. All you need is your computer. I have a classmate fond of downloading free e-books using a software and he is really happy of what he is doing. But IT IS A CRIME. You are stealing, and breaking the laws of copyright. All of us know the back of the front page of a book, it is all about the copyright and related text.
Put yourself in the author's case. Imagine your best selling books can be obtain for free and worse, without your permission. It is like inventing a time travel machine and your work was stolen by somebody. How will you feel if that happened?

You may put the blame on the people uploading e-books at the web, but why put the blame on you? You are the one benefiting right? You are the suspect, you make crime. Yes blame the uploader but blame yourself more if you download their uploads. They will be attracted to upload those if no one cares about it, right? It is us, the crime makers, but we still have the guts to tell somebody 'we are honest'.
Also, for me, printed books are more valuable than e-books. Every book published was a masterpiece. I would buy a printed book than e-book. I can lend them the others, but e-books you cannot. How will you lend your kindle if you are reading. Think of giving him a soft copy? Then beware, it is a crime. You are reproducing it.

So let us not be a pawn by these e-books. They are part of the growing technology but they should not be a part of changing our morality.


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