Saturday, November 27, 2010

Article a Week! -- Happy Thanksgiving

Hi there for another article a week post.

First, I want to tell that you that I'm not an American or Canadian or any other raises that celebrate Thanksgiving. We don't have that here in the Philippines, but I thought sharing you my thanks to the good things happened in my life this year is a great idea. So let's get started.

1. I belong now to the PEP in our school. It is Proficiency Excellence Program. It is a program where top 20 students by year level have special classes on English, Math and Science. Since first year high school, I want to be included in this program so that I can maximize my ability and learn more things. I'm very thankful that I succeeded in my gaol to be a PEP member. It really made my parents happy.

2. Sometimes, we cannot prevent some misunderstanding in our circle of friends. Last October, I have a quarrel to my second best friend. We are just joking him and he suddenly get pissed and told us that he cannot feel us as his friend. We are really hurt when he said that so we a two week long argument. I found my self really angry and my pride took over. He was very sorry but I won't forgive him. Until his birthday comes where I decided that he didn't mean what he said. And our circle of friends are again restored.

3. I thank my mother for giving me NOW a budget for my books. I said in the past that they don't give me money to buy books, now they do.

4. Lastly I want to thank GOD (Even we are in different religion, we have our Gods) for guiding me and keeping me safe and healthy this year.

So, how about you? What do you want to thank?


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