Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Since I'm a little child, I like fantasies. Like the Grim's Fairy tales. Now, I like those stories with magical concepts like the 2010 movie, The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Sorcerer Balthazar traps Morgana and all Morganians including Horvarth in an inescapable prison called the Grimhold. But prisoning them doesn't remove the threat of Morganians rising again and destroy the world. He needs to find the Prime Merlinian, the only one who can kill Morgana. He will travel for several years finding Dave, the Physics nerd who is the destined Prime Merlinian
Morgana,  Merlin's enemy, was trying to get the spell that will rise all the dead sorcerers. Using them,  she will destroy the world. Merlin try to stop her but unfortunately he was killed. Morgana, after stealing the spell, also try to kill Balthazar but was stopped by Veronica by putting her soul unto her. But Morgana is much more powerful triggering Balthazar to prison them in the grimhold. He traveled a very long time to almost all over the world finding the Prime Merlinian.

Dave, the prime merlinian, first doesn't want to do the job but after battling one of the Morganian, he felt like he like the job. So Balthazar trained him to kill Morgana.
This movie brings up the life of history and ancient literature. Some of you may already know that Merlin and Morgana are characters from the Arthurian legend. Morgana was known to be a sorceress but not Merlin, although in some versions he is. The movie is a combination of existing ideas combined together to form a story. That is the thing writers should avoid. For me when writing, you should write new and original. It's not bad being inspired and having the same style but having the same ideas is not that good at all. It makes the story 'second-hand'.

If we will focus on the movie, it is a very thrilling movie at the end. During the last minutes, I cannot sit properly in the theater. I felt that my nerves were acting abnormally. My nails are too short because I nibble on them when I'm thrilled, too bad. I think the story is very common. The concept of having a big responsibility then hating it then liking it is very common now. In television. movies or books. Well it is not bad but having that style but as we said, new is special


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