Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In My Mailbox -1-

The Hunger Game and the Lightning Thief are the books on the top of my things to buy. So a while ago, we had our project practice. Our leader said that we will buy some materials at the National Bookstore. I have some money and I'm so happy to go.
While they are selecting the materials, I go to the best selling books section and look for the two books. I first saw a harbound the hunger games, which cost 700+. I looked for the paperback one and luckily I found one. I'm also looking for catching fire but no paperback to I decided to just buy the Lightning Thief.
I'm now on nearly 600 page of Breaking Dawn and planning to make a review for it. Next, I will read the Hunger Games and expect a review of it in the next few weeks.


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