Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

I bought my copy of the boom last December 2008! and I just finished reading it yesterday. No, I'm not a slow reader. When I buy the book, I read few chapters but got bored and keep it. These past few months I decided to finish it so I can make a review of the book.
Edward and Bella finally got married. Not so long, Bella got pregnant and got weaker and weaker. She needs to drink blood as her baby is half human and half vampire. The baby grew so fast and caused injuries in Bella's body. When the baby got out, Edward need to inject venom on Bella for her to survive. Irina saw Bella with Renesmee. She reported to the Volturi telling that she saw an immortal child.  The Cullens will face the biggest challenge in their life.
I think that the book didn't revealed a lot and almost no conclusion was drawn. It started with Bella asking Edward for them have a baby. Well, it is not very common where the woman is the one asking and the man is the one refusing. A little twist maybe for the author but it just made me feel that Bella's bad sides.
As you can also see that Breaking Dawn is the thickest among the rest in the series but I will assure you that it is due to over explanation of each action. Why Stephenie needs to describe how a person breathe? Sometimes a page was used will useless thing explaining non-sense topic. It will encourage you to skip and find the nearest dialog and start reading again.
I'm really amazed of Jacob's attitude. We all know that he is in love with Bella. He still protect her even Bella and Edward was already married. He is like the brother of Bella; always there for her when she needs him. They are actually not included in the misunderstanding of the Volturi to the Cullens but they still involve themselves. Some will say the reason is because Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, but not the real reason. It's his love for Bella. How amazing right? I bet I will never find a triangle like this.
For Alice, she did a great job finding the immortal child. I can say Meyer did a nice job having a twist of Alice disappearing and letting no signs of return. If you will read the book without reading the summary first, you will really say that Alice will not return. But her return is not that climatic. The dialog of Edward worsen it. There should be an intense feeling of finding the way how to solve the problem but the book didn't have that.
The climatic scenes should be the one where the Volturi was deciding and Alice's return but the climax turned out to be in the procession of the Volturi. You will have that excitement on how Bella described their entrance but after that the feeling is lost. Even with those scenes where a fight might start, I didn't feel any excitement.
Good to read but will make you bored. FOR ME


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