Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Article a Week! -- Why I don't lend my books?

Yes, I'm one of the massive number of lend-haters. Well, not totally. There are many reason why I don't lend my book. I love my books and I want to preserve them as long as I could. I don't want to see them like those old dictionaries in libraries which are full of stress marks, and some are worn out. I still lend my books to my friends but very few of them can. . .

They don't take care of it >:)

---I spend at least 30 minutes or more to cover my books with plastics covers. I really cut the plastic as straight as possible, tape them as neat and possible and cover the book as tight as possible that you will not notice it has cover on it. Well, I successful to do that with not more than 10 of my books. I really don't want to see the covers with folding marks. They ruin the good image of the cover. I also keep away drinks or food that might spill by accident and stain the pages. And here comes the borrowers and give back my book with full of folding marks and chocolate stains in the pages. He is my friend and I cannot just simply say to him "How dare you make my books look like this?" Yes I'm very friendly :) hehe!

I see them store my books like a trash >:)

I have a friend which ask me if she can borrow my Lightning Thief book and I said yes, she can. So I'm very happy that we enjoy same passion for greek mythology since I read the book. Then one day, we, barkada, decided to watch a horror movie in there house. So we watch, got scared and eat a lot. Then I said if I can see her laptop so I can go online and she said it's upstairs in her bedroom. I climb the stairs and see my LYING ON THE FOOT STEPS! And it is at the center of the stairs. Anyone can step on it. Worse if her/his feet or slippers have something underneath that can stain the cover. I got the book and place it together with her other books and say to her to never do that again. Especially if it is only a borrowed thing.

Bookmarks shouldn't be a tons of paper >:)

We as students have a lot of paperworks. And we are very fond of putting a lot of papers in the pages of a books. But I saw one of my friends to place almost 50 pages of short bond paper at the middle of my book. That cannot be a book mark of course. It can destroy the binding. Unfortunately that the book he borrowed has a very weak binding. He can do that to all school books but please not in my books.
Now, when someone ask me to borrow a book. I recall all memories I can recall about him/her borrowing my book and how he/she treated it. If I can't remember something bad, then I say YES but if something bad happened in the past, my best reason is "I'm Sorry but I will reread it for my blog"


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