Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Author Interview: G.M. Coronel

We are lucky enough to interview one of the horror writers in the Philippines. Tragic Theater which caught the attention not only the readers but also the writers of different news paper. The success of the book is at its talented author who spent more than 1 year to write the nerve cracking book.

1. Can you please tell us something about you?
I’m a first-time writer without any formal training in creative writing.  My regular job is with an office in Makati.  But when I get home, the writer in me takes over as I work some more over my manuscript.

2. How the idea of this novel first got into your mind?
I’m quite familiar with the history of the Manila Film Center and the numerous supernatural occurrences that have happened inside.  A simple question of “what if” gave me an idea of a plot for a novel.

3. Can you tell what the book is all about?
It’s about a group of spirit communicators who attempted to exorcise the Film Center of its resident ghosts.  During their quest, something terribly wrong happens and…

4. Who or what are your inspirations while writing this novel?
My family is my inspiration.

5. The book has a second book, does it also have a third one?
The second book is the sequel to Tragic Theater. The third book that I plan to write will be a different story altogether and set in another location.

6. Did you really planned that the novel will have second book and so on?
The story of Tragic Theater is actually in two parts.  The second book will answer all the questions you may have with the first.

7. Many newspaper articles are featuring your book, as an author, how does it feels like?
The experience is totally new to me and it’s thrilling to see the fruits of your labor get this kind of attention.

8. What is your main goal in writing this novel?
I like horror and there are stories I imagine that I’d like to share through my writing.

9. How long does it takes you to finish your novel?
I began to write Tragic Theater in March 2003 and finished the first draft in January 2004.  As for book 2, I started right after Tragic Theater came out in October 2009 and I aim to finish it before 2010 ends.

10. Lastly, are you planning to write future book? book of different genre? or will remain in horror novels?
Yes, I plan to write as much books as I can.  For now, I’d like to stick to the horror genre.

Thank you to G Coronel for entertaining my questions.


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