Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Article a Week! -- My Bad Book Habits

I am like the other who have these bad habits to books. I love books but It's hard to remove the habits that I practiced through out the time.

Judging the book by its cover is my top bad habit to books. When I go to the bookstore, I always go to the new arrivals and best selling sections. I look each cover and look if the design caught my taste. For me, when a book have a nice cover then it have a nice story; But I'm wrong. Canal dela Reina, a novel by Liwayway Arceo, have a cover design of water droplets. At first sight, there is nothing special with the cover. Required by the school, I read the  novel and find it amazing. It is full of values and family related filipino traits. Even my schoolmates are discussing how good the novel is.

I like hard bound than paperback, so this habit developed when I bought a novel in paperback type in which the pages are crumpled near the binding area. Maybe some of you are familiar of what I'm saying. The wavy look of the paper near the spine and when you turn the page, it produce sound. I hate those kind of books. That's why, as long as I have money, I buy the harbounds; But today, I realized that their is nothing wrong with paperbacks. They save money but gives you exactly what you can found on the hardbounds.

Popularity , some books, like the Twilight Saga, had gained attention due to massive advertisement. I have this habit that what's new is a must have! When I read the new arrivals section. I look for the summary of each and critics for it. The one that is more popular, I want to buy. I bought breaking Dawn as on that time, it is popular. With this bad habit, we forgot to scan the bargain section which cost less but have a very nice story. A while ago, I visit National Bookstore (because it's near to us) and look at the bargain section. I found several books that have nice covers and some are also familiar. They are forgotten. They only cost P90.00. I saw a thick book and how amazing it only costs 90.00.
I'm trying to eliminate these habits. I hope other bookworms do the same.

Happy Reading!


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