Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Article a Week: I prefer the printed ones

Good day to all, I'm here again for Article a Week. Today I will feature e-books and why I prefer printed copies instead.

Printed or Electronic? For me I'm on the side of printed works. I'm not against e-books of course. They are handy and good for busy people. They are also cheaper than printed ones. But I prefer to buy the printed books. I have this dream of having a collection of books, where, when I'm done studying and have a job. I will make my house where my room have several bookshelves to hold A LOT of books. If I buy e-books, then, all I need is a memory card. How awful to see a memory card in a bookshelf. And, I need a computer to open it and read it.

Another great thing about printed works is that I can share it with my friends legally. I mean, I'm not reproducing the book to share it. If I share an e-book copy, he/she might copy it for her/his own copy, then the copyright is violated. And I hate violating the copyright.


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